AXIOM coaching assists individuals to grow and develop a wide range of life or business skills.
In short, coaching is working with clients to achieve their personal best.

Such coaching may focus on issues such as

  • Career direction or development
  • Achieving personal bests in a chosen sport
  • Setting and achieving life goals
  • Corporate coaching
    • managers and employees on workplace-related issues
    • conflict resolution
    • work/life balance
    • career development
    • performance

How does coaching differ from counselling?

Coaching differs from psycho-therapeutic interventions in that clients seeking coaching do not perceive themselves as having a mental health problem (such as depression or anxiety). They are looking to improve their external, rather than internal goals. These goals are often described in terms of “achieving”, “striving” or “reaching my vision”. The aim of coaching is to examine any obstacles confronting clients in their personal or business lives and then design strategies to overcome them.

Some clients may require both counselling and coaching, either in combination or as different strategies, to reach their goals.

An Axiom team member will be happy to discuss any questions you may have concerning coaching, Just call us.